Serving people and our communities while strengthening our faith and reliance on Christ to transform individuals and neighborhoods.


Lead Pastor
CityReach Church Buffalo

A son of a pastor that one day stopped following God. After a getting in a bad accident, and an altercation, and becoming depressed with life. He listened to the voice of God one night to follow the abundant life of Jesus 15 years ago and never looked back.

Early this year he followed the voice of God again to pastor the City Reach Church in Buffalo with his wife Dyleiby. Now the target is to bring back the one that is far from God and reach a lost community through outreach, dynamic teaching, and acts of kindness.  

Worship Leader
CityReach Church Buffalo

Rodney has been saved since he was 19 years old. Before coming to Christ he had no idea who he was, or what his purpose was in this world. He had been used and abused by many different adversities of life; and in no way had any desire to know GOD or follow His ways.

Upon giving his life to Christ he have found who he was, and what He has for him to do. His passion is to lead individuals who have misused and abused, misled and confused, perverted and downright broken to the love and healing power of Jesus Christ. He is currently the worship leader at CityReach Church Buffalo and God effectively reaches individuals through the worship He produces through each week. He has had the opportunity to help launch a few of the many CityReach churches that exist today.


CityReach Network is a church planting organization with a vision to aggressively reach cities with the hope of Jesus.

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